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Bidding!: How To

Hola everyone! As it stands, bidding officially begins in an hour and a half! SO EXCITING, SO NERVOUS. I'm so excited to have everyone (hopefully) take part! Thank you so much to the lovely people who dropped off comments leaving their lovely work for auction! Such a fantastic group of creative people have come together! I'm so proud and pleased!

As an aside, if you for whatever reason did not get the chance to drop of a comment, and still reallllly want to, of course I will make exceptions! For example, at the moment, my very best IRL friend of forever, oxenthered, as not left her comment. :|

So now it is time for bidding! Here I will leave some instructions for how it is going to work.
  1. Once you find an item you would like to bid/or buy (the majority of work is being offered at flat-rates, so get 'em while it's hot!), leave a comment saying nothing but how much you are offering/paying.
  2. It is then up to the person auctioning off the item to say whether it is sold or not through a corresponding comment.
  3. In order for the purchase to be complete, you must provide proof of your donation through e-mail to myself at wildcatsgive@gmail.com within 48 hours of said purchase. If not, it will go back up on the market. This will be done preferably through a screencap of a receipt! Please blur out any personal information, of course!
  4. I will then respond to the post with confirmation and probably an obnoxious GIF signifying that the transaction is complete and successful!
Here is a rehash of some of the places you can donate:
 You may also donate through text message. In the USA, text  REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. In Canada, ASIA to 30333 (through Red Cross) to make a $5 donation. In the UK, text BOXES to 70700 (through Shelterbox) to make a £5 donation. 

You can pay for donations using credit, paypal, or prepaid credit cards!

In case anyone was curious or unsure of how to make a screencap: for PC users, there should be a PrtScrn button somewhere on your keyboard! For Mac users, Shift+Command+3!

This process can be confusing, so for anytime throughout the auction, please leave questions here!
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