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oh my god; that crazy bitch.

Some updates!

Hello beautiful people! So, in half an hour we will officially be one week into the bidding and four days away from the end of the auction! It is going by so quickly, and I am so happy and proud of this whole experience so far! So here's a little update!

  • So far, we have raised $275! You guys that is so impressive! And that is only from the receipts I have received from donations so far! I am so extremely proud of us. We are such a tiny fandom now, and this is all money that was raised bidding on our work. To me, that is wonderful. I was hoping to make even $25 dollars, so it's just. I am so proud and so happy. <3
  • There are still quite a few outstanding bids that needed to be followed up on! So please do so ASAP!
  • The auction is almost over! So continue to let people know that there are still great items up for bid! 
As for me, I am unfortunately no longer auctioning off work. I want to, but I can't. :( i just don't have the time. But there will be lots of exciting fanfic coming from so many great authors! That makes me so excited! If anything, I am so happy we all got together to do this as something good, and for a mini-revival for our beloved fandom.

Remember to be awesome!!

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