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Geez, I am so sorry I have been so MIA you guys! School is winding down so it's been kind of crazy with term papers and presentations and exams. Not a fun time! :( Therefore, now that I finally have a few spare moments in between essay writing (looking like I will finally be in bed before 1:00 AM for a change!), it's time for some very important updates!
  1. The bidding on the photos and other items has been extended till the 13th! So please bid! These are such lovely donations and it would be wonderful if they got a home! As always, it's in exchange for a donation to help Japan, so it would be stellar if you guys would participate!
  2. Bidding for creative works ended Saturday! It was so very successful and lovely! Our total money raised through selling just fic and art is $470! YOU GUYS I THINK THAT IS SO RAD. I am so proud of us that we are such a lovely and creative bunch that we rounded up that much money! Everyone group hug!
  3. However, thanks to an anonymous donation, our actual current total is $970! That means we are $30 away from raising $1,000. THAT'S NUTS YOU GUYS, POSITIVELY NUTS. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR CONTRIBUTING.
I am going to try my best to go through comments sometime tonight or tomorrow and respond to those who have still not donated! Also, please continue to spread the word about the auctions! It's all going to a great cause and it would be a shame to have that extra money not donated. :(

Lots of love (like so much love, you have no idea),

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