oh my god; that crazy bitch. (metrocard) wrote in wildcatsgivebac,
oh my god; that crazy bitch.

Zac Efron Auction!

Thanks to ZAAngels, we have some Zac Gives Back items to give away!

Here is what is going down:

  1. Each item is being auctioned off individually!
  2. Each item has it's own thread in the post! If you want to bid on an item, leave a comment stating the price you would like it for!
  3. Auction is open to US and Canadian residents only! Sorry guys! :(
  4. Shipping is covered!
  5. Since this is an auction format, people can out bid the other! There are no flat-rates on the photos, so fight to the death if you must.
  6. On Tuesday, the winner will be contacted! You will be expected to send your contact information and donation receipt within 48 hours of receiving the e-mail that you have won!
Bidding is open through April 1st to April 4th @ 11:59 PM!
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