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20 March 2011 @ 12:18 am
Alright! Hello everyone! First off, some news and things!
  2. I am extending the auction by one week! We are all very busy people and some interesting things could happen with this the longer we hold it! As such, and in an effort to give as many participants the chance to, well, participate, the auction will now run from March 20th to April 2nd. While I am sure we will not be active everyday, the extra time most certainly couldn't hurt things!
  3. Things officially kick off tomorrow! EXCITED, BUT NERVOUS (so I sang a song called 'Excited, but Nervous'?)
  4. So far there has been such a lovely response! I am so pleased with all of you offering up your skills and donations! We have assembled a great group of people, writers, and artists, and fun times should be had by all!
  5. A lot of you were wondering ways to donate/bid without using credit cards! Some suggestions have been through text or through the purchase/use of PayPal giftcards! sunnycouger also mentioned that you can donate through iTunes, and it will go straight to Red Cross!
  6. Thank you to the ever so lovely Stella Hudgens for giving us a shout on Twitter! So thankful for your support!
  7. I have decided I am probably going to force request that whomever I bid on to write me HSM fic based on The Adjustment Bureau. If you authors would like to opt out of doing such, please write, "No Adjustment Bureau fic," when filling out your form on what you plan to donate!

Which brings us to point two! What is happening tomorrow?

As it stands, I am extremely busy, and it also turns out that a lot of you are extremely busy! It also turns out that organizing this is easier said than done! So in an effort to make this as best organized as I can (though oh, gosh, if this is more confusing let me know!), here is a rough idea of how things are going to work.
  • Tomorrow, sometime before 2:00 PM EST, I will be making the official auction post. It will be a sticky on top of the journal, so all other information entries will be below it. All information regarding the auction and donating will be there!
  • All people offering up their skills and services are required to make a comment using the corresponding form (which I will also post). Only people donating fic, artwork, fanmixes, or other items (you could seriously donate anything!) are required to make a comment! But if you just wanted to say hey (and why don't more of you, I WEEP), that's cool too!
  • All creative participants must make this comment by Tuesday, March 22nd, 11:59 PM.
  • Official biding and buying will open on Wednesday, March 23rd, 12:00 AM!
  • All comments in tomorrow's post will be screened for SUSPENSE AND EXCITEMENT and that way no one starts bidding before the actual bidding has started!
I think that is all for now! IDK I may end up editing this post a million times. Right now, all I can ask of you guys is please, please, please help promote around fandom? I am BEGGING YOU. I am on limited time this weekend, so while I'd love to spam all day, it isn't exactly super easy for me to? That said, expect me to spam pretty much every forum I've ever been affliated with tomorrow morning. THE PUBLIC MUST KNOW!

I love all of you so very much! 
16 March 2011 @ 12:01 am

Hello everyone! I am so pleased by the response to my last post! This thing is definitely a go! Thank you so much to all of the lovely writers and graphic designers who offered up their skills to the project! As well as those that offered up other fun things! I hope this turns out to be a small, lovely, and wonderful affair!


When is this taking place?
Unfortunately, I am a university student with a part time job. This means I do not have as much free time as I wish I did. :( As a result, it is going to take me a little bit of time to coordinate everything and make sure it goes smoothly and well. Therefore! The official date of the sale/auction will take place during the week of March 20th to the 26th!.

I don't get it. How does this work?
On Sunday, I will make a formal post. There, participants who are offering goods and services will fill in a form and comment, detailing what they are offering, where you can see examples of their past work (if needed), and how much their offer is going for. For examples on how this has worked in the past, I suggest visiting [help_haiti  or help_japan. Bidders or buyers will then comment on the post in response to what they would like and how much they are offering. I understand this process seems confusing, so do not hesitate to ask questions!

Where can I donate?
How do I donate? There are many ways to donate, and I encourage everyone to do so outside of this community! Every little bit helps! Below is a list of websites that you can donate to at anytime. I myself will be donating through Red Cross, but if you'd prefer to donate to another organization, go for it! Once you have successfully won or purchased an item, you must send a screenprint of your receipt (for privacy reasons, do take out necessary personal information!) to either myself or to the person you are buying from.

What if I don't have creative skills?
Can I still participate? Of course! I believe everyone is talented at something! You can offer up items you believe are worthwhile, audio, and I guess even food items if you really wanted!

I don't have a credit card! How do I donate?
I am still looking into that. If any one knows of ways to donate that do not involve some sort of online form of payment, please give a shout!

Which leads me to this! This post will now work as a suggestion box! Any questions, any ideas, ANYTHING is allowed to be discussed here! I have a few questions I would like to run everyone so this can be as successful and smooth as possible!
  1. Would you prefer to have this done in an auction format, or as a first come, first serve kind of thing? For example, people would purchase offered items, or they could bid on them and the item would go to the highest bidder?
  2.  What do you consider to be a good starting price? Participants are allowed to set their own prices, but I think a general price range is a good thing!
  3. Ways people without credit cards or PayPal can donate!
  4. Suggestions for other ways for people to participate!
  5.  I have been informed that Livejournal is blocked in some countries. :( I would love to expand this beyond to non-LJ users, but I'm not entirely how that can be done! So let me know if you have any ideas!
I think that is all! So let me here what you guys are thinking!


For continued up to date information on the situation in Japan, you can follow CNN's LiveBlog or their reporters on Twitter. Also, if you are on LJ and haven't already done so, please join or watch the community!!
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Welcome to wildcatsgivebac! I am Unproper Grammar of Fanfiction.net, Metrocard of ZF, and Diana to the rest of the world!

As everyone is aware of the current events in Japan, the country and it's people are in need of support. In an effort to do something positive in these unfun fandom times, I have decided to create this community in hopes of starting a Fandom Relief Fund for Japan. In the similar vain to help_japan, the community will be used for offering fandom services in exchange for donations made to relief funds for Japan.

To further elaborate, I myself will be offering up my writing skills. This means if you donate $5.00, in exchange I will write a 5,000 word story of your choosing/request.

However, this is not just a strict fic only exchange! There are many talented graphic artists in the fandom as well, as well as many other talented individuals. If anyone wants to offer anything up, it would be so very much appreciated.

As is stands, however, this is merely an idea! The key to this being successful (though every single bit helps) is having a strong participation. If you are interested in participating, whether it be through donating or offering up your talents, please comment and let me know!

If this does not get off the ground (and I would hope it does!), I will be offering my own fic in exchange for donations, but will do so at a later date!

This post will remain open until the 15th! Please pass it on to whatever aspect of fandom you are most active in! Fanforum, Team Hudgens, Zefron, Zanessa Forever—wherever! I would love for this to be a great experience for all of us to take part in in some way.
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